Saturday, 21 March 2015

Tips to get Salary Hike, Salary Increment | Salary tips

Average raise in 2014 is 3% and most under performing employee can hope a 1.3% raise.
So guessing how much you will hike this year Salary hike is the biggest incentive for an employee to stay motivated and perform better. Salary depends upon market forces, and the employee’s contribution to organisational performance. Here are some tips to get salary hike this year:
  1. Company demands -
Do research about what kind of salary people are getting with the same responsibilities. If yes, then demonstrate your worth by demonstrating data.
  1. Extra work and new responsibilities -
Best approach is to ask for extra work and responsibility hence asking for more pay.
  1. Positive manner -
Go for face to face meeting in positive and constructive manner.
  1. Compensation strategy –
Analyse the trend that company follows in terms of salary hikes.
  1. Company performance –
Analyse the company’s capacity to pay a higher pay to employees with company’s profit and loss statements.
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