Friday, 3 April 2015

Telephonic Interview Question

Telephonic Interview Question and Answers

If you also have a Telephonic interview, then first read tips & tricks to crack it. Usually this kind of Interview is short, just long enough to rule you in or out, and so an interviewer’s focus will be on questions that help evaluate you as quickly as possible. It’s important to take time to review the typical phone interview questions you’ll be asked and to prepare answers.

1. Tell me a little about yourself? 
Most often question in an interview. Answer with a brief work history with personal information (Name, Qualification, Experience) showing how each job and project helped prepare you for job.

2. What are your career goals?
One of the questions typically asked during an interview is about your future goals. Don’t tell your goals for returning to school or having a family, as they are not relevant and could knock you out of contention for the job. Your career goals should be as they benefit to organization.

3. What is your weakness?
You know you shouldn’t answer too quickly, so you take your time and then suddenly realize you’re not sure how to answer. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, prepare it before phone interview. Your weakness is such that it does not harm any company's reputation

4. Tell me one thing you would change about your last job.
Be careful, it’s a trick. Disparaging comments about former coworkers as you might be burning bridges. Be prepared with answer that doesn’t paint you in an unflattering light. Answer this question very carefully, if you want to get that job.